A Tribute to My Mother

A Tribute to My Mother

The story below was written for my elderly mother. I had been reading books out loud to her- classic children’s literature ranging from Raggedy Ann, her favorite, to the Wizard of Oz and Winnie the Pooh- and decided to try my hand at writing some original stories just for her. I created a cast of characters, lead by a plucky, magical girl from Nova Scotia named Little Lu and crafted the stories to include Betty’s favorite places in the world. On top of that list was Rhinelander WI, where her family had a beautiful lakefront summer home, so the very first chapter in the Little Lu series was set in Rhinelander. Here Little Lu meets a fearsome creature named the Hodag- a legendary monster of the Great North Woods. Or is he really a monster? I publish this story in loving memory of my beautiful mother, Betty…

Tim Van Schmidt

Elizabeth Louise Lacy Schmidt 2017

Elizabeth Louise Lacy Schmidt 1927-2017

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